The Pressed Flowers Story… Coming Soon 2021.

用愛心和智慧陶造我一生的主人,還有祂賜給我最美好的禮物—Henry, 和四個箭袋中的箭 — Grace, John, Gloria and Dan

The Story Of Pressed Flowers

A very special flower, the most beautiful and elegant of all flowers in her masters garden, once blossomed for the world to see. She sat in fertile ground, daily enjoying the breeze of the warmth of mild sunshine, and the thousands of hues of color and beauty around her. Then one certain day, her master removed the flower from the world she knew and placed her in a darkdark place under tremendous pressure. The flower, not knowing the reason for such pain, helplessly cried out from the pit, Why, my master? There was no answer but silence.

Time passed and one day the master took the flower out from the darkness. The master with skillful hands and artistry, used the flower, along with other flowers, to create a magnificent work of art. The flower became a part of the prized showcases of the master. As she looked out from her masters showroom window at her other fellow flowers in the garden that have since withered, she could only ponder why she was chosen for such a grand purpose. It was then that her masters voice spoke with great love. If you could only trust me, you would know that my plans for you are always for prosperity not for calamity, to give you a future and a hope.